15th Anniversary of the Completion of the Human Genome Project:

Challenging Transition from OMICS Discoveries to Responsible Application


The 1st International Congress on Personalized Health Care was held at the Palais des congrès de Montreal from June 12 to 15, 2016.


Focusing on the theme Personalized Health Care: From Discovery to Impact, the International Congress served as a vast issue table where ideas and resources were shared. In total, 113 speakers and panelists took the floor during ICPHC 2016. The relevance of the content presented as well as the quality of the participant experience made the event successful and memorable.​


2016 Edition Partners

Our 2016 Participants' Opinions​

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    Centre de recherche du centre hospitalier de l'université de Montréal 

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96% Found the content presented helpful


96% Think encounters made at the event will be valuable


93% Would recommend the congress to a colleague


89% Had a good overall experience


87% Would attend the congress again

Activating the Right of Citizens to Benefit from Scientific Advances

Bartha Maria Knoppers

Activating the Right of Citizens to Benefit from Scientific Advances

Bartha Maria Knoppers

Discovering and Developing Precision Medicines

David Altshuler

Opportunities and Challenges in the Implementation of Precision Medicine

Victor Dzau

Global Genomic Knowledge: Local Precision Medicines

Peter Goodhand

Tools for Personalizing Medicine from Patients to Populations

 Dan Roden

Implementation of Personalized Health Care Worldwide

Edward Abrahams, Angela Brand, 
Sergey Suchkov, Ansgar Hebborn

Plenary sessions of the 2016 Edition

PPP and Interdisciplinarity as Pillars of Patient-Centric Innovations

Michel Goldman

Where Do We Go from Here in Personalizing Health Care?

Dr Pavel Hamet

Second International Congress on Personalized Health Care - Montreal 2018