The 1st International Congress on Personalized Health Care solicits papers describing significant and innovative research contributions to the field of personalized medicine and health care.

This important international conference will gather all professionals and decision-makers interested in discussing the majors stakes related to personalized medicine and health care. More than 1 000 participants are expected from over the world. The event will be held at Palais des congrès de Montréal from June 12 to 15, 2016.

ICPHC 2016 will be a great opportunity to showcase all the research projects and achievements that will help governments, researchers, academics, clinicians and all professionals to answer the challenges they are facing in the search for solutions for developing and implementing personalized health care.


We invite submissions on a wide range of topics, from Research to Impact.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


  • Common & Rare/Orphan Diseases
  • Detection, Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognosis
  • Breakthrough and New Challenges in Genomics and Other “OMICS” Technologies
  • Clinical Utility and Health Technology Assessment
  • Genetics Related Ethical, Environmental, Economic, Legal and Social issues (GE3LS)
  • Reporting of Findings to Clinicians and Patients
  • Cloud Computing / Big Data
  • Education to Public, Professionals and Decision Makers
  • Implementation Challenges in Public Health
  • System Organization and Health Administration Policies
  • Economic Impacts and Outcome Research
  • Interdisciplinarity in Personalized Health Care
  • Pharmacogenetics and Companion Diagnostics
  • Gene Environment and Epigenomics


Presentation Types


Abstracts will be accepted for individual papers (oral or poster presentations), or for complete sessions (general sessions, facilitated discussions and training workshops). The following presentation types will be accepted :


Individual Research Proposals (20 minutes Oral Presentation)

Academics and other researchers are invited to propose individual presentation of 20 minutes relating to one or more of the congress themes. Sessions will be created by combining proposals treating similar themes. Time will be made available at the end of each session for interaction with participants.


Individual Research Proposals (Poster presentation)

Poster presentations provide an opportunity to introduce innovative approaches related to the congress themes. Poster sessions are available to all delegates and will be displayed in both board and electronic format.


General Session – Complete Proposal (90 minutes)

Complete sessions can be proposed in a 90 minute format that treats one or more of the congress themes. The proposal should include:

  • Session title
  • Theme or themes addressed
  • General description
  • Session outline
  • Names of speakers


The proponent will be responsible for the content of the session, confirming all speakers and identifying a session chair.


Facilitated Discussion (90 minutes)

Submission may propose a facilitated discussion that touches on one or more of the congress themes. The purpose of these sessions is to allow for maximum delegate participation in exploring and developing knowledge amongst people who share ideas, challenges and opportunities. The proponent is required to frame the discussion with a succinct introduction, facilitate the discussion to ensure broad participation, and summarize the key points at the close of the session. Proposals should include:

  • Session title
  • Name of facilitator
  • Theme or themes addressed
  • Key questions to frame the discussion


Training Workshop (1/2 or full day, first day of congress)

Full or half-day workshops provide opportunities for skills development in one or more of the congress themes. Workshops typically include presentations, practical exercises, and case study reviews. They are highly interactive and provide resources and other tools for participants to use after the congress. Proposals should include:

  • Workshop title
  • Names of facilitator and other presenters
  • Theme or themes addressed
  • General description
  • Workshop outline
  • Case studies and other resources provided


The proponent will be responsible for the content of the workshop, confirming all facilitators and presenters. 


Abstract Submission Rules and Deadline

To submit an abstract, please access the ICPHC 2016 Abstract Submission Centre


Please note that you can begin the abstract submission process once you have created your account and keep the file open for editing until the deadline or until you are certain that you have no more changes left to make. All of the information that you enter into the system will be saved each time you access your file so that you can pick up where you left off.


Please note that all presenters are required to register for the Congress.





All presenters are required to register for the Congress.



First International Congress on Personalized Health Care - Montreal 2016