Paul Kearney, Ph.D.


Currently Paul Kearney is President, CSO and co-founder of Integrated Diagnostics where he has pioneered the use of mass spectrometry and advanced bioinformatics in the development of high value proteomic tests in oncology such as Xpresys Lung. 


Dr. Kearney has also worked with Sera Prognostics in the development of its PreTRM test using similar techniques.


Paul Kearney, Ph.D., joined the Institute for Systems Biology in 2008 as Scientific Director of Special Projects where he helped establish a $100M collaboration in Personalized Medicine between ISB and the University of Luxembourg.


Previously, Dr. Kearney was VP Bioinformatics at Caprion Proteomics, a leading provider of proteomics services for biomarker discovery. At Caprion he managed technology R&D, oversaw all aspects of data analysis, IT and biomarker panel discovery and experimental design. 


Prior to Caprion, Dr. Kearney was co-founder and VP R&D of Bioinformatics Solutions (BSI), a provider of genomic and proteomic data analysis tools. BSI won an R&D 100 award and the CASP4 competition for its PROSPECT tool for automated protein structure prediction.


Prior to BSI, Dr. Kearney was assistant professor of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo where he was the founder and inaugural Director of the Bioinformatics Program.