Nora Pashayan,  


Nora Pashayan is a Senior Clinical Lecturer in Applied Health Research in the Institute of Epidemiology & Healthcare at University College London.  Her research field is in cancer screening, and particularly in personalised screening


Dr Pashayan has clinical background with specialty training both in family medicine (American University of Beirut, Lebanon) and in public health medicine (East of England Public Health Specialty Training Programme, UK).  She has obtained Masters degrees in epidemiology (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) and in public health (University of Cambridge).  


Through Cancer Research UK Training Fellowship in Cancer Public Health and Epidemiology, she has completed her PhD studies at Clare College, University of Cambridge, modelling the natural history of prostate cancer in the preclinical screen-detectable phase and studying the role of genetic predisposition in cancer progression and in personalised screening.  Through funding from Cancer Research UK Clinician Scientist Fellowship and EU FP7 (COGS), she has studied the potential utility of genetic profiling for risk-stratification in cancer prevention and screening programmes at population level, how risk-stratified screening could improve the benefit to harm balance of screening programmes, and the challenges of implementing such programmes. 


Through international collaboration and funding from Cancer Research UK, Genome Canada (PERSPECTIVE), NIH (CISNET-Prostate cancer) and Horizon 2020 (FORECEE), Dr Pashayan with her collaborators are looking for effective, cost-effective, feasible, acceptable, and accessible risk-stratified screening programmes for prostate and breast cancers.