Candan Hizel, PhD 


Candan Hızel, PhD in cellular/molecular biology and medical genetics- Clermont-Ferrand/ France. He has more than 17 years of experience in pharmacogenomic (PGx) association studies, preparation of clinical pharmacogenetic personalized PGx reports in both developed country as well as low and middle-income country (LMIC). Additionally, he has expertise in start-up biotechnology industry with a specific focus on genetic testing for human diseases as well as pharmacogenomics outcomes. He organized several international meetings on predictive and personalized medicine. In the context personalized medicine Hizel’s work primarily focuses on knowledge translation of pharmacology and “OMICS” technologies for interindividual variability in drug response and drug-drug interactions leading to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics modulation of drug action. 


He started many projects in PGx and clinical active adverse drug reaction (ADR) surveillance in clinical pharmacy. First time in Turkey in 2006, he initiated the implementation of PGx education into curricula of the faculty of medicine and pharmacy as well as in Nicosia/Cyprus at the faculty pharmacy in 2013. Recently in 2014 he spearheads launching of centre of excellence “Personalized Medicine and Pharmacogenomics Research Centre-BIFAGEM” at DokuzEylül University in Izmir, Turkey.


Since 2016 he has been Vice-President/Middle East Division of the International and Interdisciplinary Association on the Pharmaceutical Cylcle (IIAPC/ AIICM) in Montreal.  In his current role in OPTI-THERA Inc. & Medpharmgene Inc.-Montreal, Dr. Hizel leads the development of pharmacogenomics platform for diabetes and psychiatric diseases.